Pre-wire for audio, video, data, phone, wifi and security is one of the most important items to remember when considering remodeling or new constructions. Often times in remodels and new construction pre-wire for technology is overlooked. The absolute best and most affordable time to wire for technology is the same time that electricians are wiring for power. Usually the walls are open and there is space to run wire from one point to another without having to cut open existing walls. As shown in the remodel of a bar below, this is the right time to pre-wire. Walls are open and there is room to run wire where necessary.



We also make sure to adhere to all building codes when pre-wiring. Depending on what type of construction and building type, low voltage wire may need to be run in conduit which can be much more expensive. However, it is better to know up-front the cost of wiring, than to have to redo wiring because it was not done correctly to begin with. Below is a picture of a residential pre-wire in the penthouse of a high rise building which requires all low voltage wiring to be run in conduit.